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Did you know that you can enhance your Rotary experience by joining a Rotary Fellowship?

  1. Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion or Interest in recreational activities, sports, hobbies, or professions and/or with the intention to further their vocational development with others in the same profession or field. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience. Below are some of the fellowships you could join, founded locally but with international accreditation.

2. Campers Fellowship- For those interested in camping and fun, join the Campers as they raise funds for the support of their service project on Cardiovascular Conditions. The annual membership fee is $30. For further details, contact the Chairperson PP Irene Luweesi on 0772978484

3. Comedy Laughter’s Rotary Fellowship (CLRF) shares a common passion for laughter, comedy, and fun. It is built on a premise of making new friends and new networks through fun around the world but most importantly exploring a hobby of laughter to enhance our Rotary experiences and raise funds for service projects in addition to enhancing health and wellbeing. Release some stress by joining them on their outing this Saturday- (See attached flier). For further details, contact the Chairperson CP Hamza Musa Sekamatte on 0704 936089

4. Mariners Fellowship: Rotary Mariners of East Africa- Uganda Fleet are Rotarians and non-Rotarians who love water activities, sports, and fun. The Mariners promote safety and community projects for water dependents. For more details contact PAG Ben Waira on 0772502263 or visit

5. Vintage Fellowship brings together Rotarians and non- Rotarians who share a common interest in the preservation, restoration, and usage of vintage cars and collectibles. The purpose is to foster the collection, restoration, and usage of vintage cars and collectibles as an opportunity for promoting Tourism, conservation, and community service. For details please contact Chairperson Rtn Kimani on 0772 692444

6. Bikers fellowship- The Bikers share a common passion for motorbikes. They do advocacy for road safety, HIV prevention, and Cancer awareness. Membership is open to Rotarians, Rotaractors, and non-Rotarians. You must first of all love bikes, not just like them! For further information, Contact Chairperson- Angela Semukuutu on 0774 646820

7. Empowering Women Fellowship- The Rotary Fellowship for Empowering Women was borne out of the Rotary Roses Program of D9211. The Roses share a passion for empowering women and girls to take action, lead and thrive in their professions, businesses, and personal lives while creating lasting change in our communities through community service activities. Membership Is open to both males and females at an annual fee of $28 (UGX100,000). For further details, contact Chairperson PAG Dorcas Tusubira on 0782 474168,

8. Rotary Fellowship for Health Professionals: – Are you a Health Professional? This fellowship information will be key in supporting the planning and implementation of Rotary and Non-Rotary Health Programs in Uganda. Connect with fellow professionals. For more details, Contact Rtn Dr. Richard Kalungi on 0774 740407

9. Dancing Fellowship: For dance lovers interested in reviving this fellowship, please contact Rtr Blessing on 0784 437870

10. The wine Appreciation and Tasters fellowship is for those that have an appreciation for wine and would like to enjoy this with fellow Rotarians. Through your membership, you will be able to learn more about wine and gain a better appreciation for the many aspects of wine.

A full list of Rotary Fellowships can also be found on For any further guidance and clarification on joining, forming or reviving a fellowship, please contact the District 9213 Rotary Fellowship Chair, Rtr Owomugisha Blessing Immaculate; on +256